Education: We realize that education is the foundation that helps children take their position in the globalized world. We provide sponsorship to under privileged children to help them attain basic essential education. We focus on a holistic development where children are encouraged to participate in sports, drama and arts as well.

Healthcare: Health is the primary driver of quality of life and productivity. Our interventions in health care are to improve access and advocacy to ensure that entitlements of citizens are fulfilled.

Senior Citizens: Senior citizens are invaluable asset to our society. We help them by providing them healthcare, psychological support and engage them with current developments

Community Development: Children cannot develop in isolation. It is only when the community develops enough to sustain the development of children that our job will be complete. To this end we work for development of empowered communities that have access to entitlements.

Livelihood: Earning a decent livelihood directly translates to better nutrition, health and life. We implement numerous programs for ensuring livelihoods for the people in the communities where we work.

Adolescent: Adolescents are the most important demographic of our country. We implement programs that help adolescents address their concerns like sensitization, issues on sexuality, child birth etc.


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