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Thank You Letter From Ex Sponsored Child- Neha Marne

I am incredibly thankful for the unwavering support that the Community Aid and Sponsorship Program (CASP) provided during my earlier years of education. From my 4th to 10th grade, CASP played a pivotal role in alleviating the financial burden associated with my pursuit of quality education.

As the child of a security guard and a homemaker, my family faced significant challenges in meeting tuition fees and educational expenses. CASP not only assisted me financially but also contributed significantly to my overall development through their workshops. These workshops became an integral part of my learning experience, laying the foundation for my academic success. The aid received during the crucial initial years of my studies allowed me to focus on building a strong educational base without the constant worry of financial constraints.

This invaluable support from CASP played a vital role in my educational journey, enabling me to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from VNIT, Nagpur. I am currently pursuing a Master’s in Engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park. I extend my sincere thanks to CASP for their steadfast support, which contributed significantly to my growth and prosperity during my earlier academic years.