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DIA is very delighted and proud of being allowed to express our gratitude towards our partnership with CASP. Our collaboration started decades ago. Through our long term partnership we’ve learnt so much by developing our sponsorship activities focusing on supporting vulnerable children and families. Our collaboration has always been fruitful and inspiring with a special engagement from CASP’s professional staff who works for strengthening the capacity of each CASP child and family including the society. We started an eternal journey years ago, and we know that a sponsorship is not only a question of assisting a child in a family. It might also be the grandma who needs some kind of assistance which might lead her to support her grand children and to play an active role within the nuclear family. It might be skilled young students who spite all odds must have an opportunity of continuing their studies at the university. Girls who needs a chat room have got their own library where they meet in the afternoon. Children’s Forum where CASP children have expressed themselves towards the entire world about their own life experience. Sr. Citizens who maintain their vital capacity through daily yoga mental training. Skill training activities for youngster etc. DIA has learnt so much through our partnership with CASP based on the founder, dear Dr. Gokhale’s visions, which are still valid and therefore we continue working together in the best interest of the children. DIA wishes all the best for CASP, since many children and families do still need your professional guidance.

Yardi Software India Private Limited has been a partner of CASP (Pune Unit) from August 2014. Two projects are supported through this partnership–

  • Child Sponsorship Program of 200 children from Janata Vasahat and Hadapsar,
  • Preventing 50 children from dropping out of education.

CASP has a strong network in Pune city and has earned trust with all their stakeholders through years of dedicated work. The social workers and link workers we work with are sincere, committed and open to discussions and suggestions. We are very happy to be one of the partners of CASP and hope they continue their good work with the vulnerable children of this city.

Penned by Paulette “My visit to CASP, as a member of Enfants du Monde (Children of the World – http://www.enfantsdumonde.be/), remains deeply engraved in my heart! This sponsorship has been created almost 40 years ago and we have been working together through all these years with pleasure. Thanks to the professionalism of CASP and the excellent follow-through of each child (work at school, information about the family, living standards, etc), hundreds of children have been helped to the delight of the children themselves, of their families and of their Belgian sponsors.